Landlocked (Until The End) Lyrics

Embrace Eternity

Embrace Eternity

Lyrics to Landlocked (Until The End)
Landlocked (Until The End) Video:
Look ahead to the years
Realise what you desire
Hold your visions close for
Constant memories of this past life
Defeat, Devolve, Repeat, Resolve

Distance, Fades away
And we become one - UNITE
To all, those who cant
Sleep or dream at night - UNITE

Who will take from our rights
Faded goals - death in sights
Stand your ground take the hit
He who cant be told
I who cannot see
You don't believe in me
Courage I will throw
Into this hole

Slivers of light
They shine through me
They shine through you

I destroy myself
To relive my past
Stuck in the beginning
The years disappear so fast

Like the heavy snow
Covering the ground
Layered by protection
That you never asked
I who cannot see
You don't believe in me
Will we see tomorrow
Into this hole I go

Constant Memories
Nothing will stand in my way
You wont stand in my way
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