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Lyrics to Lambo Refuelled
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Fuck the rocks, man upgraded to a Hublot
Twenty million later, still dismissing like I'm Pluto
Still I'm going every time they come and see me
Still I'm going, wiling in my Lamborghini

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini
La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini

Round 2 motherfucker, still I'm riding low
Satin Black with Tron cause you know I got to change the flow
He goes so bitter, like killing the room
Think that you're hot like the reapers of doom?
Over nine thousand, I'm feeling a boom
So what are you saying?
Cause I'm on a roll try and catch me, fully stacked
Like an Apache 17 starting, nuke missiles coming
Grab my dick and now I got a list of girls, I'm cumming
Change the lyrics, still I'm winning with the remix incoming

Course I had to hop up on the remix (my brother)
Swah the Super's always been the prefix (burning rubber)
Studio with JJ like we got one
Then he actually went and got one
Then the team said let's release it, let them stream it, let them pree it
I'm going kinda slow for the fellas, levels up and I'm still speeding
My engines warming up the scenic route so you can see it
It's Mr. CEO of DCY [?]
They see me at a show, they're like "Oh lord, I don't believe it"
(Super Swah) everybody left in the dust, better rush
When it comes to the flow man are best, think it's us
Going like a Lamborghini when I'm next to the bus
And a cosign, anybody next to the boss
Tell 'em don't second guess that the next thing is us
So we chilling in the flat just collecting the bucks
[?] the rest [?] enough
No officer
I ain't try'na get arrested in cuffs (no way)
If you wanna give me points
You better put out the req with the stuff
I ain't gonna stop unless it's petrol or stuff
I was built for the speed, gotta rep for the stuff
Gotta rep for the team and the direction is up
Everybody meet my brother Tef, give it up

You take it to the streets, why they take it to the tweets?
I'm a good fella, sleek with manners and dressed neat
After the king speak, they blasting the repeat
It's a game but we play for keeps, don't sleep
I wish I had a genie, I would probably have a 'Ghini
I ain't got neither, but I promise you gon' see me
Little nigga greedy cause I never had a freebie
Then I fell in love with the white girl before Yeezy
I'm a menace, you're a medi, what's a Judas to a Jedi?
Gots to get my own cause mummy told me never redeye
I'm eating but I'm try'na grab myself a mil
And I ain't even Eden, I'm a hazard on the field
Them man ain't scoring points, they switched sides like Falcao
I been running them miles though, trill nigga till the outro
Them man flow ups up, my style more south pole
My style more south pole, you was indoors, I'm an outlaw

Man better know their place on a beat
Man better know their place on a song
Can't clash me, that's long
I'll lyrically spin a brudda all day long
Ain't gonna gas, ain't gonna lie
Whenever I'm on a riddim, I'm bringing that vibe
If you don't know, better get locked on
I don't think them man are ready for the don
I can't lie brudda, I ain't got a Lambo
But I was on that backroad, riding with that Rambo
Badboy, rudeboy, show me, what's your angle?
'Nough of them are talking the talk, but they can't even handle
But back to the subject, let me get real up
See man driving a German Beemer
Shout out KSI for the feature
Let me do it, they're beginning, really can't see us
Let me get deeper
I don't wanna say too much
But I'm flowing like I'm wiling in a Lamborghini

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini
La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini
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