Lyrics to Lady Vanilla
Lady Vanilla Video:
You came into the room and sat down in a chair.
Some magic shone about you and there was stardust in the air.
The sun came in the window just to shine upon your table;
I felt a sudden need to cry, but found I was not able.

So I enter your dominion with a weak a tender eye
and all too soon I'm drifting with your aura floating by.
And then I am a planet, or a dust mote with a friend
and I'm looking in your eyes so deep, they never seem to end.

I can hang my head down with the saddest willow,
I can taste the wind that makes the boat's sail billow,
I can lay my head down on a soft, white pillow,
but I can't have a taste of Lady Vanilla.

You silently respond to me as I go swimming by
and I keep seeing circles, no matter what I try.
Vanilla's made of magic; my dreams with it are laced,
but it's dark as thick molasses and it's bitter to the taste.
Then suddenly you leave the room and I'm spinning in your wake
and I can't swim and I can't drown in your vanilla lake.
Come back and make the sun shine in, come back and make me smile,
if not for one forever, for just a million whiles.
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