Lady Of The Blue Rose Lyrics

Shawn Phillips

Bright White

Lyrics to Lady Of The Blue Rose
Lady Of The Blue Rose Video:
Lady, like a blue rose, soft and clear, you glow
Woman, are you coming home?
You know that I could love you so
I'd never make you go
Lady, of the blue rose
In your time be mine
I saw you from years ago
I've told the truth
And now you know
You told me it was so

Lady, for a blue rose, will you share my life?
Stars are born and then they die
And I know that we could learn to fly
For love can never die

The blue rose in the garden
That someday may exist
The blue rose of the legend
That task of nature's twist
The blue rose of a heaven
That's deep within our souls
The blue rose of our union
The one that I behold, I behold, I behold

Lady, see the blue rose
Make it shine for you
Close your eyes and you will see
And it will show you how to be
And to care for me

Lady, you're my blue rose
You're the only one
Share this gift that we two have
For all that need and cannot have
For that may never pass by
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