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Lyrics to Lady Of A Thousand Lakes
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I wake in the darkness, no light by my side
I wake here amidst the trees to my own cry
A vision in my mind, a flash of crimson light
A projection of my fate, the reflection from the lake

There are no roses which outlive this cold
Or have you ever seen fresh petals on the snow?

Still in my dreams, through all the years
Piercing and powerful, this vivid sight appears:

She is not real, she never could be
I can't give a reason to why
She still haunts my sleep

Imagine the feeling, the breaking of the chains
So pure and playful, dancing in my veins

Fly from your hideout and meet the rising rays
Even to this darkness the Dawn still finds a way
In all these journeys through
Flooded fields and plains
We searched for the Lakeside, the magic of this place

All my life - all my life
I've searched through all my life
The Lady of a Thousand Lakes is there
All this time - all this time
This time I've spent searching
The Lady of a Thousand Lakes was here

All is not given and she remains unique
Just like the World's Child - she could be in you
Thus, we dance on petals with thorns stuck in our side
Could life be my wedding-day
This lady as my bride?
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