Lyrics to Lady In White
Lady In White Video:
Try an test me now, watch out
listen you aint a thing to me,
you aint exactly yourself.
Call here and get shut down
listen i aint a fool to you, to me, to anyone else
She says I sleep with me tonight,
I won't say a thing, I can't even tell a lie
Lady in white resist me your right.
I'm in love with you, your the spark in my life
So treat me like your own kind.
I've been trying to fight my mind against whats real.
and i can see the road sign saying telling me to stop, I'm searching through the hills.
Whats that to say i'm a real chump losing it.
That's okay cause I know your wrong.
Either way I will be ten times better than.
Wave your hands, say good bye so long.
Watch who your talking to (4 times)
Surprise, give me a kiss and hold me tight.
just like old times, just a couple lines
My you and I are so a like, Tingling in the body, sparkle in the eye, I may not be a saint but i'm sexy.
I put you in a daze cause i'm pretty. and I should see the sun but you never let me.
Line after line, sometimes to many.
Who am I to blame?
I point the finger at a lady I can't tame.
She's got me handcuffed, locked up, and chained.
and the addiction is the name of the game.
wwwhhhoooaaaaa, I'll try to walk away like i know i should. I'll try to slip away like i know i should. I'll try to walk way like I know I should!

(Thanks to Jaime Reyes for these lyrics)
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