Lyrics to Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva Video:
Seventeen, a beauty queen
She made a ride
That caused a scene
In the town

Her long blonde hair
Hangin' down around her knees
All the cats who dig striptease
Prayin' for a little breeze

Her long blonde hair
Fallin' down across her arms
Hidin' all the lady's charms
Lady Godiva

She found fame
and made her name
A hollywood director came into town

and said to her, (Hey!)
"How'd you like to be a star?
You're a girl that could go far,
'Specially dressed the way you are."

She smiled at him
Gave her pretty head a shake
That was Lady G's mistake
oh, Lady Godiva

He directs Certificate X
and people now are craning their necks
To see her

'Cause she's a star
One that everybody knows
Finished with the striptease shows
Now she can afford her clothes

Her long blonde hair
Lyin' on her barber's floor
Doesn't need it long anymore
Lady Godiva
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