Lyrics to Lads O The Fair
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Come bonnie lass, lie near me, An let the brandy cheer ye For the road frae Fife tae Falkirk's lang An cauld an wet an weary My trade it is the weavin In the bonnie toun o Leven An we'll drink a health tae the farmers' dames Wha'll buy our claith the morn. You can see them aa, the lads o the fair Lads frae the Forth an the Carron water Workin lads an lads wi gear Lads wha'd sell ye the provost's dochter Sodjers back frae the German wars Peddlers up frae the border An lassies wi an eye for mair than the kye At the trystin fair at Falkirk. Come, Geordie, haud the pony, For the path is steep an stony An its three lang weeks frae the Isle o Skye An the beasts are thin an bony We'll tak the last o the siller An buy oursels a gill or two An drink to the lads wha'll buy our kye In Falkirk toun the morn Staun hear an I'll show ye There's the toun below ye But we'd best bide here in the barn the nicht For the nightwatch dinnae know ye My brother, he's a ploughman An I'm for the feein now, man An we'll drink tae the price o the hairvest corn In Falkirk toun the morn. The wark o the weaver's over Likewise the days o the drover An the ploughboy sits on a tractor nou Too high to see the clover The warkin's no sae steady, But the lads are aye still ready Tae drink a health tae the working man In Falkirk toun the morn.

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