Lyrics to Ladies And Skeletons
Ladies And Skeletons Video:
[feat. Fantomes Suicidaires]

It's the creature from the whack lagoon, introductions
Who need's them, I find chatter so pleasing, my teeth
Hurt, there's nothing new today, so I broke my favorite
Arms and made the sky turn gray, well howdy folks you
Like blood and violence? when I start to grin we keep it
All past tense, well I'm beautiful and never liked to
Speak, let's watch the phantoms paint the sky and
Tease them all for there grief, step forth and spill the
Memoirs, then be on your way, I am Waster's favorite anti,
I am here to stay, I am everything your not, and that's
Not saying much, I am every contradiction, watch me bruise
And punch, well I'm happy, I fucking swear I am, let's keep
The heart in the pockets ladies and gentlemen, you think
Ghosts are bullet proof? through hallow points and teeth,
While Extra Kool is just so pretty come next Halloween,
Well my life hurts, there's nothing more to say, so I sold
My journal sketches for pillow talk and plays, I never rest
Good and plenty, begging for her touch, the end of words
Right here, come and taste my lust!

Ladies and skeletons, my life feels just like gelatin, with
Monsters, vampires, wolves and ghosts, I just can't close
My eyes cause they'll get me ohhh!
Ladies and skeletons, my life feels just like mescalin, with
Women, fast food, cars and thieves, I just can't spell love
So I'll go to sleep!

Extra Kool yo... Frenchy, Frenchy, Frenchy, French!

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