Lacuna (Where Certainty Sleeps) Lyrics

Hostage Calm


Lyrics to Lacuna (Where Certainty Sleeps)
Lacuna (Where Certainty Sleeps) Video:
Poke holes in the world I'm shown
We are so malleable
For I'm not so sure
What makes them so secure

It's well known,
And all the billboards show
It's so much darker in the shadow
Of their expectations.

I have to hide my sorrows
Limp towards weak tomorrows

Unable to express
What we can't understand
I string together syllables
They wrap around my neck.
Now I'm strung up
I'm dragged towards hate
My repression pulls me every which way

So there went the years spent fighting the tears
Kept quiet by the pressures of those so insincere
In this world there are only two ways they'll let you be
Happy or insane.

If you come around past midnight
Outside your highway lives, you'll see
What's born in the headlights
On roads we rarely drive.
So when you see me on the street
And mistake me for a friend,
Just understand that there are times and places
When some can't be so weak as to claim they're happy.
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