Kush From The Bong Lyrics


The Medication

Lyrics to Kush From The Bong
Kush From The Bong Video:
Pick it, pack it, bite it, come along and take a hit with the boom
Put the plug down just for a second
Don't get me wrong it's not a dupcapted
Inhale, exhale or set some cush in the mail
I like to put over a big fat ball on my eight young really gets me strong
Don't sqill it, this water inside those feelings
Smells like shit onthe carpet, sqill it
Goes down smooth when I get the clean hit
Of this whole care, focus, smell a good shit
Sing my song I pop all night long
At that ten kush form the mall
Hits from the boom
At that ten kush form the mall
Wait a minute let put some cush up in the bong
Hold up wait a minute let put some cush up in the bong
First you smoke that dope, hit apon and the you hit the phone
And then you take that fine go wrong
Plug it, unplug it don't scream, I love Mary Jane
She never complain when I hit Mary
With that banging no I lied up with cherry
She so good to me and when I pack a breath whole I clen to scream
Don't get the scurt up, that smoke and that pop throught water
Take another hit then I hold it just like chop when he did the job with a free loaded
Get my eight for the and hit it strong
As I'm taking from the bong, it's from the bong, as I take it from the bong
Get that cuch we blow on the best mode
And we have it slow, no joke, make your ass jump
Hold up, wait here, you gonna go and put back what you take
Wight that kuch we blow on the best smoke
In house with no joke make your ass jump

You gotta stun a little bit, bit giving
Know you spoken with we
We bout to show you how the real nigga here
Like roll and plug with bitches all around
I know we all here just smoking wide
I don't give a damn how you get it
So let me in
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