Know What's Right Lyrics

Jann Klose

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Lyrics to Know What's Right
Know What's Right Video:
Somebody pushing me
Pushing me along
Corridors ripple
as I'm swirling
Passed the doors

Somebody running
Running passed me
Right passed me
I'm not the one
Not the one
To win the trophy

CHORUS: Don't you know that
The time is running out
The lines are drawn
Don't you know that
The stage is set to fight
The game is on

Sometimes you give a little
You get a lot
That ain't the future
Not what we got
Greed is winning
It's really winning
You thought you'd never
Get fooled again

But you keep on fanning
Fanning the flames
There ain't no playin'
They hold the reigns
Keep on calling at me
They keep on calling my name


If you don't know what's right
You gotta take a side
No surrender, never surrender

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