Lyrics to Knighthood Of The Moonlit Realm
Knighthood Of The Moonlit Realm Video:
Whisper Unto Me The Name That I Once Loved
The Glorious Beauty That Beknighted My Soul In Darkness
Bloodshed! In Battle Her Name I Defended
Throughout Countless Wars
All Battle Scars Were Mended,
But Not My Heart, Frozen And Fragile, Broken Like Glass
As The Moon Rises Over Each Mountain I Pass
Falling Ever Downward Into A Land Devoid Of Sun
As Cold Winds Hit Like Ice, My Life Is Undone
Cry Not For Me Nor For My Lovely Queen
Cry For The Others Doomed To Remain Living
A Thunderous Sound As Hooves Shake The Ground
Onward Into Battles Oblivious To All
Steeds Of Black With Knights Of Silver
Into The Darkness Ride
Crusaders Of The Dark Cometh From The Night
To Extinguish Thy Holy Light

[Music: Neptersu, Lord Of The Endless Depths]
[And Elsifer, Lord Of The Mystic Isleslyrics: Synvorlath,]
[Lord Of The Ancient Moon]
[And Ixithra, Lord Of The Sylvan Shadows]
[Arrangement: Demoncy]
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