Lyrics to Klown Repellent
[Verse 1:]
I was barely fifteen, just a newbie to high school,
Full blown puppy love cooled me like ice cubes,
She was seventeen, Raven's blond and beautiful, a
Little punk rock chick, just a tad unusual, she had
A boyfriend named Klown, really lived up to his name,
I guess he's kind of like me, spells his name with a
"K", so we started hanging out, just me and Raven,
Now I'm chilling on her floor just hoping and praying,
So I finally grew so balls and just asked her to kiss
Me, she rubbed her thigh against mine, then proceed to
Diss me, she says that's not something you ask, next
Time just do it, then she smiled and touched my hand
Man I felt so foolish, I told her I just got a page,
It's my home boy Joose, I said I'm sorry baby girl,
But I got to break loose, she could tell it was a lie
Because my face was beat red, but I tried to smooth
And keep a cool head, as I ran out her door, I tossed
My skateboard to the street, then I almost fell over
As it got caught up in my feet, so I picked it up and
Ran, what more could I do, then I hopped on the bus
And really went to see Joose...

She's Raven, high school, my first real crush,
We were close for about a year, then we simply
Lost touch, with her face so divine, and her skin
A pink pale, to this day, she's the reason why I
Love pig tails [x2]

[Verse 2:]
So it's a couple of days later, I'm cold chilling on
The side walk, up strolls the homey Kwerk, chirping
On the sly talk, he says Klown's looking for you and
He's going to kill you, so I simply said why,
What the hell did I do, he says you tried to kiss Raven,
And he knows that's not right, plus they just broke up,
He's going to punch out your lights, when up peddles
Mr. Klown on a busted ten speed, he says you better
Stay away from my girl if you want to continue to breathe,
So I took a step back, took a breath and said whoa, I
Don't even know what happened, I'm just trying to go
Home, I guess this must of pissed him off, because he's
Got that death stare, so I looked into his face and put
My finger in the air, all right that didn't happen, but
I swear I wasn't frighten, so I just held my ground,
Told him I wasn't down for fighting, then something weird
Happened, he just turned around and left, I looked at
Kwerk kind of crazy, gave a smile and took to steps, so
Now I'm strolling down Broadway, rolling with the flow
Of traffic, replaying it in my mind, I can't believe
That nothing happened, so now I'm in a full sprint, racing
On my way home, I have to go and call Raven and breathe
Heavy in the phone...

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