Lyrics to Kiss You
Kiss You Video:
I'd wake up, and make love to you if i had you I would touch you so much, but I'm not allowed to What I hate is to wait, but in this case I'm patient I'm discreet, I'm not weak, I just need the moment He wants me, he wants me not I want everything he's got If I leaned over and tried to kiss you Would I be wrong, after so long to kiss you Would you pretend, we're only friends, if I kissed you At least I can dream of you in a scene, when I'd kiss you On one hand, we are friends, but still my mind wanders Through side streets and alleys, I just keep growing fonder To stop me is not easy, can't stop a lion from hunting I'm focused, I won't miss, there's no control of some things

Songwriters: Ali, Nadia / Moser, Markus
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Royalty Network
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