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Amo Joy

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Lyrics to Kiss the Tail
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Now the afternoon is gone but buckle up it won't be long
Till up go the people

Oh I know I'll get back up again
The summer sun'll come again
I'll sing the explanation right on tune
But oh to leave the here and now
This ever changing battle ground
Will be wondrous with the Thunderous light of proof

And all I'd have to do is open my eyes and get on through
Back to acceptance of the currant point of view
But all the diggity dungeons with their diggity damn depression
Dampen all defiant deputies for dues

I'm going to proclaim that I think I might be sane
Thought I posed the question on my own
And all of the while all I wanted was a smile
Somethin' that would take me from my home

The disappointing follow through
Is never much you leave it to
Imagination memory and a flute
So kiss the tail, I'm bustin' out
I said it once, forgot it now
I'm on the path to break into the truth

And call it what you will but the dreams I have to fill
Are illogical, impractical, and crude
But all of the styles with all the magical miles
Make a marvelous regression to include

I'll go an decide that I'm relatively fine
Though I pose the question on myself
Cause all on the brain is a numbing sense of rain
Washing off the former sands of health

So get outta bed said a voice from the head
Any way you want you have to try
It's time that you do something for than just stew
And ponder things to have before you die
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