Kiss The Stars Lyrics



Lyrics to Kiss The Stars
Do you want to ride your bike to my house?
If you want to we can take the long route
It's not something we need to talk about
That sunset guilt trip I could really do without

Promise this time we won't end up the same
It won't be easy but we could just pretend
That ten years later nothing has changed
I'm not ready to say goodbye again

We could kiss the stars together
It doesn't have to last forever
I only wanted you to go
Because you said, you told me so
You don't know what it means
For me to change the way I see
I only came back to say
I wish it didn't end that way

You can keep the heart from the heartbreak
I don't need to leave with a keepsake
Not too late to say it's too heavy
Hold it in your arms when you're ready
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