Lyrics to Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye) (pt.1)
Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye) (pt.1) Video:
To mourn the end is to say goodbye
Not To yearn for that which we will never have again

We cry for our life together - because we know it will end
And we try to understand, how we could ever love again

Save your tears, at the end of our time...
We've cried enough in our lives, at the end of our time, just kiss my ashes goodbye

We miss them so much now that they are gone
Took them for granted for living, so long

We read their words again, and we listen to them again
as we start to understand, what they were trying to say, all along

Ohhhh, save your tears,
At the end of our time, kiss my ashes goodbye.

Whoa! Kiss my ashes goodbye.
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