Lyrics to Kiss It Away
Kiss It Away Video:
There's a shadow on the sun, I see it risin'.
Kiss it away. Kiss it away.
And there's hurt down deep inside that I been hidin'.
Kiss it away. Kiss it away.

All the hard times we been through
We'd never mind them.
We'd kiss 'em away. We'd just kiss 'em away.
But now I'm lookin' for the good times and I can't find them.
Guess we kissed them away. Must have kissed them away.

Kiss away, I keep thinkin', the sun will shine once more.
I'm never ready for the sudden rain.
Don't tell me I'm wrong, 'cause I been told.
I feel so wet and cold.
Come my pain.

You keep hopin' things'll change and I keep tryin'.
One of these days, maybe one of these days.
But there's a coldness in the air like somethin' dyin'.
Kiss it away, Come and kiss it away.
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