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Dr Hook

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Lyrics to Kiss It Away
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There´s a shadow on the sun ,I see it risin´.Kiss it away.Kiss it away.And there´s hurt down deep inside that I been hidin´.Kiss it away .Kiss it away.All the hard times we been through We´d never mind them.We´d kiss ´em away.We´d just kiss ´em away.But now I´m lookin' for the good times and I can´t find them.Guess we kissed them away. Must have kissed them away.I keep thinkin´, the sun will shine once more.I´m never ready for the sudden rain.Don´t tell me I´m wrong ,´cause I been told.I feel so wet and coldCome kiss away my pain.You keep hopin´ things´ll change and I keep tryin´.One of these days, maybe one of these days.But there´s a coldness in the air like somethin´ dyin'.Kiss it away, Come and kiss it away.

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