Lyrics to Kings & Queens
Kings & Queens Video:
I was there on top of the world with you
When we fell from the top just to soon
What a memory to bring with us below
How we sat and dinned in a king and queen"s court

The stars started to fade
And all we know is also gone
The ground began to break
As our whole world came crashing down
Now its time to leave our kingdom behind
A king and a queen its the end of our time

To the pit is where they forced us to go
In chains that we knew we could never break from
As we walked toward the end of our scene
We knew it was the last of the king and the queen


O the wild men came in just like a flood
With flames and chains a'swingin their rebel swords
Overthrow the power was what they yelled to me
That's the story of a king and a queen
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