Lyrics to Kings and Queens
Kings and Queens Video:
As if you had a secret past
As if you told my secrets last
And all the morals of you stories all had quotes that came from me
As if you grew up right next door
And wanted me and nothing more
And all my valentines had borne your name from letters at your door

Here's the sound
Coming straight out of my head and out
Like an elevator coming down
Spilling out of my mouth and how I
Might make up a foolish plan
To make you think that I'm a better man
Everything you need I understand
Better than the clicks you've been in
but I've been damned before

As if we had a secret love
The kind that I could write songs of
And I could sing outside your window right before you fell asleep
We could've planned a great escape
The sort that heroines would make
And the time would come you'd call me and we'd live like kings and queens


Where to start?
No map or chart
Have we been wasting time? x2
Say you'll be
For only me
And I would waste my life with you
And I would waste my time with you x2

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