Kingdom Of Liberty Lyrics

Beto Vazquez Infinity


Lyrics to Kingdom Of Liberty
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[Music by Beto Vazquez, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez]

(Look) beyond the doors, baby don't cry
The keeper of kingdom welcomes the crowd

With open arms... life colours melt
With my missing feelings.
He keeps fighting for
Victories and wars give sense to his life
He has no rules because he is the judge
His great heart lives the laws of the sky

He is trapped without chains
Lost shadows of hell
Running free over the storms
Nobody sees them, but they are in the air of your land

Changing winds make his destiny
He doesn't stand alone
Running free over the storms
Nobody sees him, but he is in his kingdom of liberty.

[Beto Vazquez: Bass -- Keyboards - Programing
Carlos Ferrari: Rhythm Guitar
Norberto Román: Drums
Guest Musicians:
Olaf Thorsen: Lead Guitar
Sabrina Carrion: Lead and Backing Vocals]
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