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Kingdom of Fantasy Intro So long ago, far away A land worships dawning of day And he is the one to obey Who leads everyone the blissfull way 1. Sitting on his throne, the king reigns Over his empire, full of elves He is called the elvenking And kind in his great power, so That all subjects revers him Standing on a hill of ivory His face determined and sharpened his mind Deciding how to rule his land And fighting ?gainst the wrath of his Vindictive enemies Refrain Elvenking is praised by the fairys Knowing his godly fate The sword of gold as a symbol for his might With whom he will always fight Elvenking protects his grateful land From villains and from fiends Fighting with evil monsters he has dared We know he?ll always be there Solo Dreamy immortal tales The fabulous were fine This was once upon a time In oblivion they live now 2. Riding on his green fire-dragon Flying and defeating his foes in a war At last the red-troll-empire Is conquered by the peaceful ones To keep the elvenparadise

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