Lyrics to King Roy
King Roy Video:
Come back, come back to me It was not your fault eventually Great King come back to me It was my fault eventually He was born as a really handsome boy People called him the great king Roy But when he came across those naughty five They took him away for a long, long life They`ve never come back or were even seen Nobody knows where they`ve stopped or finally been May be that he didn´t like his royal class But was it really necessary to leave that fast (Chorus) The queen´s sad & grieves for her son When a farmer´s girl mentioned that deadly run She said it had occured under cover of night Roy´s body was found dead, it was a brutal fight In revenge for his mothers deeds Roy had to die, in his hand three little seeds The queen had been cruel and without (any) mercy On his grave three trees are growing for everyone to see

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