King Of The Mountain Lyrics

Cap D


Lyrics to King Of The Mountain
King Of The Mountain Video:
[feat. Brother Ali]

[Brother Ali:]
They tell that me my dreams became real
I feel I just started it
Realizin' that the strivin' is the freshest part of it
Heart is more important than the ornaments
There's no such thang as "all of it"
Dawg there's always more to get
Ain't got nothin' to do with greed
If there's nothing more to achieve then why continue to breathe?
The second you reach the highest leagues you can conceive
Raise your head, you won't believe what it is you see
The more people you reach, the more powerful your speech
Your triumph will make you humble, you'll crumble to your knees
Cryin', "Please" to whatever higher power you beseige
"Why don't all these possessions provide me with inner peace? "
Because all the people surrounding me still in need
Feel it, all in the air, it's palpable in the street
Ignore it when you woke, it will attack you in your sleep
The "I" is not complete, there is only value in "we"
So now you've got a purpose for the bounties you receive
Every victory is another hungry mouth that you can feed
Surrender is the only time the outcome is guarantee
So breath on them dice and snap when you let 'em free
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