King Neptune Lyrics

H Pisces

Tra La La

Lyrics to King Neptune
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Wait for the light to find you, those tears in a stream behind you
Outside where the wind's calling, we'll know it's your voice inside

And I say
King Neptune, is just a kiss away

Let me shake hands with your sea, your icy hands surround me
Wash the anger away downstream, inside will I realise

That you say
King Neptune, is just a kiss away

You're asking me to follow, your emptiness so hollow
Spirits howling along your wind and I know it's their favourite thing.

Tears of the ocean flow, moon shadow casting again I know
Will you let me drink with you from your loving cup as it overflows?

Hold on to you like a long lost brother
There could never be another
You leave me pure like the evening spring
In this Kingdom, we're going under...

(Thanks to Rachel for these lyrics)
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