Lyrics to Kin
Kin Video:
Burn asunder, make an edit
Make apologies a tithe along the way
When you keep the credit
You're a thief, but it's ok

Notify your next of kin
Let 'em know the house got damned again
Open up a window
Let us in and you'll be ok

I don't wanna see a supper table
Disallow a love because you're unable to admit I may
Be a little bolder than you're capable of owning
I know I don't wanna compromise
I don't wanna compromise

You were never automatic
I coulda quit you on the day you hit my face
You get problematic
But I won't, and it's alright

You're being a coward
Only fearing your changed mind
So on every referendum you can hide
Straight ticket, never alright

I remember flying off a letter
I remember us being together in the cool of the day
I would be bereft if separated, ever, from you
How could I? How could I?
I don't wanna compromise

Where the hell did your spine go?
Did you cut it out?
Did it never grow?
Is it made of fiction and all good intention with nothing to show?
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