Lyrics to Killing Calendars
Killing Calendars Video:
I still remember when I looked into your eyes;
Well that's one that I burned
I could call you all a lie
But that sound it felt so right
And how I left was wrong
But that's fine cause how you bleed is just a matter of concept

You're not so pretty with your eyes bleeding black

as your lips scream out sorrow.

All these steps have taken away from being alone and you push me right back

Stay absolved, wait for night to change
Don't pray to your ghosts, things will stay the same
I burned with my heart in my hands
I stayed with self defense
what I know, that same call.
I'm leaning back on what I feel I'm letting go

that sound it always changed to what I know is wrong

all these steps that I've taken away from being alone and you push me right back

and I'll stay with what I said it's just the meaning of being forgotten
and when we feel so low
just let me be unstill
well I bet on what I spent,
And that's heart

Where's your courage this time around?
Where's your valorand signs of pride?

your body lays in a bed of snow
transfixed by your hips I know
the cigarette rolls smoke from my fingertips
and I let it burn down to filter
sitting all alone
waiting for time to change the sun
to what I know is real

Do you know what I am capable of?

You're face is a ghost to me
Have you the will to see?
What lie?
what wrong?
I poured love in... what a mistake.

(What I am)

Engulfing memories, up in flames
(lying there)
(I found we always are alone)


Detailed alone by trust and love and faith
(How I burned)
(What I am)
(That bleeds all we have to know)
I'm waiting out in back to focus, I know what I've done.
This time my memories are all turning on their back to focus, I know what I've done
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