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Lyrics to Killerfornia
Killerfornia Video:
Biaaatch !!
All of those shit, I see all that shit
You know, killerfornia
Blooow !!
Bloooooow !!

[Verse 1:]
I'm hell-bound
Niggas wanna kill me in my sleep in killerfornia
Where the murderers be ambitious to creep
And leave you six feet
Sleep with the sharks in the Bay
I'm out the yea where they back up shit they talk with AK's
Niggas in L.A. trigger fingers itchy to spray
Call it the golden state
But niggas be rich off the game
You get your cash on the Crips and Bloods be bangin'
Nigga get your mash on dre-lock them Uzi we sayin'
Leavin your brains hangin'
You'll get caught up in the cross fire
Cause you'll be dog meat
Lose your life in the jungle
Niggas is savages
Thugged out and it's hard to be humble
When niggas ride up gaffle your shit
And then leave you tired up
Money and murder I pop a sherm stick
Niggas tend to bring the drama
When I bury your dick
But I'm hardcore
Ready to kill shit up and war
Wonder what else this motherfuckin' state got in store

So much drama in northern california
cause killa kali is the state for the drive-by
Such a scandalous day but I love the place
that's why I duck when they fly by
So much drama in southern california
cause killa kali is the state for the drive-by
Such a scandalous place had ya smilin' your face
that's why I duck when they fly by

[Verse 2:]
From Sacramento to San Diego
From Compton to the Oakland city
Loc'ed up and thugged out
Killer's ready to ride with me
Stackin caps player pieces
Rolexes and saggy pants
Poppin' collars drunk as hell off hennesey
Smokin' up Grams as ounces
The [????]
Weed or straight up chronic (chronic)
Niggas still out to get paid
Fuck the world I wanna die high
It's sunshine in killa kali
But still the bullets fly
Palm trees and sandy beaches
But niggas stay strapped with heaters
Born sinnin' and ready for drama that's how they leave us
500's and Lexi coupes
Niggas roll up with they troops
Ballers be flashin' loot (flashin' loot)
If you gon jack that nigga be ready to shoot
And bring the pain (pain)
Cause it ain't no comin' back in killerfornia
Fuck with the wrong niggas they turn and blast on ya
Dump executional style and leave your ass goner
Still do my dirt all by my motherfuckin' lone in killerfornia


[Verse 3:]
No self-defense laws
Bullet proof vests is illegal
But you can go to the gun sto'
And purchase yourself a desert eagle
All of my homies is felons
Some even died in my face
Some niggas still ridin' around
With a whole trunk full of yea
Frisco to Fresno niggas do dirt
And ride with their head low
Indictments on mobstyle tactic murder for cash flow
Cause jail bars
Gangstas and ghetto stars
Niggas don't give a fuck
Bullet wounds and stab scars
Hell of players and pimps
Hustlers and gangstas with limps
Snitches that disappeared into thin motherfuckin' air
Haters be dreamin'
Schemin to catch ya slippin'
Just to get to dippin' after midnight AK's spittin'
See the fire from the barrel
Standin' down the block I got a flock
Of desert eagle fifty cal.(iber) shots
Can't let these sucka ass niggas put one in my dome
When I'm sittin' at home with a whole arsenal of my own
In killerfornia

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