Lyrics to Killer Bee
Killer Bee Video:
Refrain: If I were you, and you were me I wouldn't come on like a killer bee And we would know, when to let go Cause it's hard to smell the flowers, If you come on like a, Killer bee Put yourself in my position Try to make the right decision And you will see I try to talk, you slam the door You leave your shadow on the floor, So easily, pushing me You always say you're right, but then again Refrain It's all about the things we do ?cause, I am me, and you are you am I getting through And all the things I say to you, they don't come out as I want them to I open up, you suffocate And when I need you close you walk away Refrain Bright If you could see yourself through my eyes and feel the things I'm going through If I could walk around in your shoes Then I would know just what to do If I were you, and you were me Refrain

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