Lyrics to Kill Him
Kill Him Video:
First he told me get a goat and
cut in down the center then
He said to find a turtle dove,
A ram and maybe two more hens
After they were cut in half
He made me put them on the ground
A torch appeared without a sound
And then He told me, "Kill him! Kill him!"
Then he sent some angels to me
Saying i would have a son
I thought this was a strange arrangement
So he told me, "Kill him! Kill him!"
God said kill him!
God said kill him!
Blood is thick but
God is thicker
I am sick but
He is sicker
God says, "Die!"
So I must kill him, but
Why does God want
To kill children?
Then he made me cut my penis
And the manhood of my sons
When I said I can't believe it
Again He told me, "Kill him! Kill him!"
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