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Lyrics to Kill Americans
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Kill all the flag waving, red blooded
Young, Yankee boys,
String their torsos up
And use their dicks as toys.

Nuke every U.S. city
Blow them to the sky,
Every single fucking Yank
Deserves to fucking die.

Then get all the mothers
And every apple pie,
And gun them down with M-16s
Aimed at their eyes.

Round up every U.S. citizen
All except the Jews,
Take that lot to Israel
And wipe that lot out too.

And then get all the Vietnamese
That were napalmed to death,
And everyone from El Salvador
And Cuba and Chile and the rest,

And say "Look, the Yanks are gone,
The world is once again free
No more napalm, no more C.I.A.
No more Wounded Knee."

And when they are all celebrating
Nuke the fucking lot,
There'll be lots of jellied gasoline
In every baby's cot.

And then load an M-16
Give it plenty of feeling,
Put it to your temple
Blow your brains onto the ceiling.
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