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Boyz, The

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Lyrics to Kids Of The Night
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kids of the night 2x

living to survive

in this murdering life

kids of the night 2x

can't you see the light

rap 1

there's a place unforbidden in their world of dreams

they face reality everyday you can hear them scream in this it the

first introduction of the forgotten kids violence erased

their heads 'cause that's the way it is not everything is so pretty as

it seemed to be got to understand the word free and how

it used to be 'cause there's a life for the death and a death for the life

watch out the kids of the night they livin' to survive

chorus :

now comes the day when we all hold our hands to pray

it's like the christmas day where you could find your way

and i hope you realize what i am trin' to tell ya

unbelievable stories about homeless darkness and silent wins daylight's

like addiction for the minds and cold souls my last two

questions comin' straight from above

first can you see the pain, second could you feel love



everynight i think about it

the whole wide world seems to be wild

oh no, what can we do

everynight i think about it

kids are cryin' for an advise

oh no, life must go on
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