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Lyrics to Kids Of The Black Hole Sun
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Grew up in a place where people understood.
Laid it to waste 'cause I thought that I could do better.
So I did better.
Now I'm stuck in a town where no one understands.
Little girl laid claim to the land, and I'll let her.
'Cause I know better.
This princess is gonna play tough.
Well fuck you, princess, this pauper has had enough.
Things are pretty fucking rough.
I don't know what to do these days.
My head's going ?boom boom,? my eyeballs are over glazed.
Oh I haven't slept in days.
Take your hands off my soul, mate.
Know that it's too late. You don't know why.
You were never very clever.
But if we could get over this getting over, just say goodbye,
we'd put an end to forever.
It's boring to be alone.
I wanna go back. I just wanna go back home.
But that past is cast in stone.
I'm tired of counting the days.
Waking and baking, my soul is on display.
Oh I wish you'd go away.
Oh I wish that you would go away.
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