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Lyrics to Kidney Thief
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Cecil bringin back the one tape tiger, simple as that
I got money on it this time
I have a feeling, that i havnt felt before. and that was my reason
As if i even fucking needed one/
Never felt like a part of the plot
Been apart from the start
Seperate and so dark
Sat at home/sat alone/ writing poems
You could die, rockin live in my dome
Like what the fuck is a phone?
Til it rang and i answered n danced took a chance with a trust
You could bang pots and pans with it, it was that toss
So rigid and stiff, you forgot your livin dangerously
Live for the bliss
So you trust one, trust two, trust three four
And you must lose bruise cruise bust free doors
Cuz it ends, say goodbye. make amends, make me cry
Never that, i keep em guessin where the fuck im at
**cuz he called me cold train ( )
**wanted to beat a () to death with an old chain
I live in the same frame, my brain is a stripe
You give a shit about one look, im lookin to stay
But i cant cuz they leave even me to believe
That i bounce, bfore they dip skip town
You should see me now, come and see me now
Im a machine, im like ten feet tall
And my breath make em all fall down
Im a monster, im a beast
Im a poise in the author of wild in the streets
Im a ride underneath, but i got thick skin
You only hear the chaos when i open my teeth
I get manic
A pacifist
Smashin this
Whack spreading fast
Like a cancerous crash
Its mechanic*
I wont have a hand in it no
Ill keep the mafuckin holes in my shoe sole
You can quote that, theres people with broke bats
And who dats payin like twenty bucks for a nice hat
Look around and look back with the thinly veiled hate
You think it'd be lighter with all of us liftin the worlds weight
But it aint
Never felt like a part of the plot, been apart from the start
(cuz im not one of them)
Ambiguous, anonymous, invisible *(something amous) no

I find the ones with the heart beats
(and i strike back with *(rhythm, breathing, freedom??))
So come find me now, i be the one with distrust and misgust
Waiting to leave you *(?)
N theres more just like me
Im not the (voice, force)
Just one with broken *( )

And dare i say that im the meanest one
Let me in, sum the actual fact
Pull me out, i look back. i wont sleep
I stay up passed goodbyes i stay ups i got guts
Like a butcher all hung up
No hang ups from the push ups*
Pushin fast, if you listen say it back
Im like jimmy eat world, but the world bit back
And thats it.( ) 'll do it again
Cuz these kids toss *( ) and call themselves friends.
Sick of the same faces and lames and brass smokes
Sometimes wanna get drunk and wake up in strange places
Remain faces, fuckin hate cases
*so many so crash so many so crooked could use places.
But i stay patient like im tied to a chair
And the doctors in the waiting room pulling my hair
Like come help me, come here, with a signature i fear
When i dot I's, cross T's and im thoroughly scared
And i panic
I panic
I panic
I panic
I calm down
(and i remember the song goes)
Cuz im not one of them
Invisible, anonymous, ambiguous *( ) no
I find the ones with the heartbeats
And i strike back with *rhythm
Come find me now, i be the one with distrust and misgust
Waiting to leave you *()
Theres more of us like me, im not the *(
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