Kid Kingdoms Lyrics



Lyrics to Kid Kingdoms
Back when the year had a one in front
Back to pretend and lost kingdoms
Standing tall as some tree stumps, we'd just begun
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
Those pots and pans felt like our drums
We'd get lost under the sun
We'd just begun
Sometimes i sure do miss those days
Roam outside and go and play
Big wheels and birthday cakes
It was all okay
Live and learned from our mistakes
Some will fade and some will stay
Broke away from yesterday
And it's all okay
And it's all okay

Never woke up before noon
Cereal and old cartoons
Lazy days and pajama blues, nothing to lose
Every old place felt brand new
Never wondered who was who
Just some kids with sticks and glue, nothing to lose
Nowadays it's all replay
Youth still in our dna
Find a spot to go sit and lay
And we'll wash away
Never trade these summer days
Same kids as yesterday
Sand castles on the bay
And we'll wash away
And we'll wash away
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