Lyrics to Kick 'N' Knowledge
Kick 'N' Knowledge Video:
What's up this is Ronnie Ron comin' through another level
For the year 1999 and year 2000
I just wanna kick a little knowledge
For my little brothers out there and my sisters
I just wanna thank everybody that's been down
with Dangerous Records throughout the years
Thank all the Bloods and Crips for tryin' to obey their lives
And the news media don't talk about how crime has been waydown
Since that Bangin on Wax by ?? begun
I really enjoy of seein' Bloods and Crips checkin' it with each other
When everybody said it couldn't be done
My whole philosophy was to bring my brothers together
And to keep you outta graveyards
And I hope ?? youth
And the Record business is cold blooded for those who tryin' to break in
You gotta understand
You gon' have to pay a lot of dues
In this record business
The key to the record business is to try to understand this business
And that's our Dangerous Records got it fucked
Trustin' so-called lawyers and so-called motherfuckin' friends
You got some good lawyers out there
And you got some bad lawyers out there
And some of them are money-hungry motherfuckin' bastards
But one thing I learned you can't dwell on the past
You have to concentrate on your future
But I'll be goddamned
If this will ever happen to me again
Because only the strong survives
When I make a hit
All I wanna do is sharin' the pie
And my people can make money
You really need to understand how this game works
The white man need you
And you need him
He need you to make the records
And you need him to distribute it
If your record sells sharin' the pie
That's the bottom line
I want
To take the time to kick a little knowledge my brothers
If you wanna be successful in this record business
You gotta have these qualities man
You got to have respect for yourself as well as others
Personality, Character and Discipline
I'd rather deal with a artist
With a little bit of talent
And a whole lotta personality
Than to deal with an artist
That has a whole lot of talent
And a fucked up personality
We can make money together
You have to have these qualities to enter through the danger zone
We're on another level now
It's about business
Let's get paid
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