Lyrics to Key To The Highway
Key To The Highway Video:
I got the key to the highway, billed out and bound to go I'm gonna leave here runnin', 'cause walkin' is most too slow I'm goin' down on the border, where I'm better known where you had don´t nothin´but drive a good man ´way from home Now give me one, one more kiss mama, just before I go well about leave this time, I may not come back no more Show the moon, keeps on shining, I´ll be on my way, I´m gonna run this highway until the break of day . . . yes I´am I woke up this mornin´put on my highway shoes, did take me well rounds like, had goes on highway blues I walk down on the highway, that old greyhound bus had gone, stand about the women I love in California show god we walk alone I don´t write, write no letter, ain´t got will go myself, I ain´t gonna send no telegram, pray the telegram night get well So long, so long people, ain´t no sun in my "say-goodbye", we gonna run the highway, until the day will die

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