Lyrics to Kevorkian
Kevorkian Video:
Start A War On The Poor Gettin Mad DonationsTakin Cheese Out Of Poor NationsGot Haitians Still On Sugar PlantationsWiped Em Out Called It Exotic Vacations.As You Dig It They Set Up RegulationsTurn The Rest Of The World Into Cancer Patients.What?s The Diff No Buts Ands Or Ifs...Now I Need A Place To Hide Away.Are You Ready Are You ReadyWhose The Real Docs Of DeathOh No It?s Doctor DeathKiller Man Atomic B-Boys In Japan.Another Brother Dies Up In SudanKevorkian Got The Heads Lookin For That Kill EmDead From The Feds Shit ManContaminated In Sad PredicamentsBlood Threats, Blastin ContinentsKings, Queens Dead PresidentsCan?t Tell Me Where My Chiza Went.Take Em Down Blow The House Down BlawThe Evils Got You Wobblin Like WeeblesThinking You Equal, Killin Lost PeoplesNo Sequal Remember BikoWhose The Real Docs Of DeathOh No It?s Doctor DeathWhose The Real Docs Of DeathKillin Millions Til They?re Last BreathGot No Right To Be Dead Ass WrongKillin Me Softly With your SongsBring The NoiseBut Surrounded By CowboysIndigenous But Wiped OutDiggin New DitchesCan You Dig ItTurnin Tricks At The Tip Of PoliticsThe Devils Slick, Gettin Their Head SplitI Spit At Those HypocritesSo I Sticks To The MusicThink About It It?s GodYou Better Get With The SceneKeep You And I From Being Human BeingsYou Deserve What You Deserve,If You Believe What He BelievesAnd Into Everything You Leave.Oh What A Tangled Web You Weave,When Destroyed By The Disease By 33 DegreesBringing Satan Down To His Knees

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