Lyrics to Kenya
Kenya Video:
points and lines fortell the awkward future. kept my eyes away from the heavens above. but spelled out so clearly, so bold, i saw the words shine in the sky with my eyes. sweltering, i know, i know. "turn off the lights" burns holes through you. nurturing, i see, i see switched hands, i am father. oh sweet mother, why must i see you through circles? why must i name your poison? blue bod quiver. respects from my lips, respects from lips, why must i be left aside? why must i be left alone? responsible, i've left those innocent days for habit. for a habit that's infested my soul. respectful, the mirror always lies. i've always lied. i want to see the stars again; your eyes mean everything to me. you've lost touch, you've lost your touch, you've lost touch with me.

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