Kenworths With Wings Lyrics

Kool Keith

Diesel Truckers

Lyrics to Kenworths With Wings
Kenworths With Wings Video:
Kool Keith, back with a special report from CNN
With the most and latest design from Sputnik, futnik

[Verse One]
Chemicals and usages, gastric juices-es
NASA's testing system can't stop the missile wisdom
Mysterious hydraulic overdrip Mars administer
General of the East, flyin over the wicked witch
Beyond alien height
I see through your planet with space light
Green men on the left, and one makin a right
Investigation under the curricular
The entire existance, my directing aim is particular
Buy dark forces, the United States army's best
Commanders, all private first class
The UFO's fight the probes, with silver and gold uniforms
Protected under government sources
Of course it's, for horses

[short Chorus - scratched]
Highway abduction
Red lights at the intersection
Aliens trading machines for diesel engines

[Verse Two]
Deserted, dishin in control, my formula's compact
Attack you on 72nd street, with X-ray vision
With geometrical arrangement
Dinosaur fossils that burn like gas on the pavement
Chapter X-V, invisible orchestrator
In the solar system, you can't see me
Photograph of the Earth look like a baseball
With samples of feces
from the Loch-Ness monster, but nobody believe me
The CIA circuit breakers, business suits, arrangements
Astronauts work the button get off at Mars control
The mission station from the elevator
Explain pipes through the ceiling
Lime-green metallic faces and spaceships with carburators

[full Chorus - scratched 2X]
Highway abduction
Red lights at the intersection
Aliens trading machines for diesel engines
Kenworths with wings

[Verse Three]
Incredible as the vile, Richard C.K. Coleman
The research center
Consultation is coming under the circumstance
Economy relationships, with 18 ships
with remarkable energy
That's the donut geometry, monuments in pieces
With giant networks controllin future releases
Compatible to rolled, the moon will still turn cold
With rocks, and minerals, 800 million years old
Minefields, gettin scanned through barcodes
Trucks takin boxes
Ukranian barrels with chemicals home
Dissapear on my clothes
Out there, six different galaxies
You out there, no one knows {*echoes*}

[full Chorus]
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