Lyrics to Kentish Town
Kentish Town Video:
The street where you lived
Houses all gone
Run down state
Where once was your home

I found the church where you went
And I stood where you stood
It didn't feel the same
But I came back again
I knew I would

It sounds like the country
If you did enough
Here all around me
My family ghosts

Each day I walk up this hill
The one you took to the fair
And I imagine you there
I see your hair

It's too long ago now
To be undone
A second [incomprehensible]
Once gone is gone

I pushed open the door
And I stood where you stood
I tried not to blink
And I tried not to think
I had one more drink
I knew I would
Songwriters: THORN, TRACEY
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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