Lyrics to Kelly's Bar
I was singin' like a stone in Red Wing, Minnesota
In a bar called Kelly's right next to the train
It shakes the walls and you have to stop talkin'
It's never much different but it's never the same

And the guy next to me he was fightin' for nothin'
Love that was over and a knife in the back
I was seein' double so I went out walkin'
I didn't know if I would ever get back

Met a girl downtown and she was covered in lightning
She thought my weakness was drownin' but I didn't agree
Well the cops were out watchin' everybody that was drivin'
Any one of you here could sing it better than me

And the sun was risin' on the banks of the river
I was dying in Tom's back yard
No idea how I ended up Winona
No idea how I let it go this far

And every summer there that I can remember
I'm certain this person meant a lot to me
Yeah maybe I've changed, yeah baby everybody changes
And maybe you're not where you thought you would be

But I dream about it on the nights when I'm sleepin'
And I wake up screamin' in my own damn bed
Yeah I'll work harder at the people that I'm keepin'
If you work harder gettin' outta my head
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