Lyrics to Keepsake Of Luck
Keepsake Of Luck Video:
This old liner is nothing new for me
I've done this for her once before
This time will be my last
'cause it's station to station and graduation
Love will have to get you through
Love will have to get me through

It's a keepsake of luck with no real faith
Lie if you can't promise me
Talk if you can't sing
Oh, I wanna believe in you

If I died in my sleep in a warm silent comfort
I wouldn't have to say goodbye
Ignoring to the end
Let the inevitable shoo me through that door
I feel my lack of touch could lose something real

It's a long sigh and a pale blue twinkle
Yeah, that's my understanding
To all that's physical
The place you conjure in your dreams
The places, wishes, they're all free
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