Keepin' It 'tween The Lines Lyrics

Paul Eason

Keepin It Tween the Lines

Lyrics to Keepin' It 'tween The Lines
Keepin' It 'tween The Lines Video:
I have been a lot of places
But no where else can compare
They ain't got no Texas women
They ain't got no Lone Star Beer
I'm as free as any man can be
But I ain't goin' nowhere

Just keepin' it 'tween the lines, in the land of barbecue and pecan pie
Give me rivers and dancehalls and open skies
From the Red to the Rio Grande, New Mexico to Louisian(a)
Just keepin' it 'tween the lines

Sittin' on the Guadalupe
Summer breeze blowin' in my hair
Think I'll float on down to Gruene Hall
I know they got good music there
Ain't no good times you can't find
Livin' in a Lone Star state of mind

Sleepin' on the Rio Bravo
Campin' under Marfa lights
Got some friends up in San Angelo
They won't leave me lonely tonight
If you don't think I'll stay here all my life
You just count the days and nights
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