Lyrics to Keep Your Head Up
Keep Your Head Up Video:
Overcast future and the past riding on a dime
No control ever will hold of my life
But inside the darkest night is the day
So listen to the words of life that I heard my father say (he said)
Keep your head up to the sky don't be shy
Trust in what you know is right and I?ll provide -repeat
can't find a job for money will rob or do I have to sling (don?t mean a thing)
Question fate who do I have to hate in order to be great
But if love is the key what else to I need to be a success (I want to be blessed)
Believing in the one is how I've begun to be great

You know in life we go through so much
Will all get there if we don't give up
Live life like you won't know tomorrow
And you might lose all of your pain and sorrow
Songwriters: LUGO MARTINEZ
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