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Lyrics to Keep On, Keepin' On
Keep On, Keepin' On Video:
B-boy, where the f-- you atI've been looking for your ass since a quarter pastHot peas and butter, baby, come and get your supperBefore I make you suffer, that's when you had enough'oCan I get hot when you hit the jack potSurely I can if you're the manI get luscio' n' produce lots of amounts of juiceCan you get used to that or do you need a boostOf energy to enter me and get it onYou're getting warmI can feel you getting closerNow baby down, that's my mosserYou better believeIt's time to get the toast of the woman of the decadeToo bad to be played, get vexingI'm bound to throw shades all over your bodyWhose body, your bodyI can rock a party like nobodyLeave in time and take home the lootChoosy about who I let knock my bootNow let me take a sight to your love in a lightLife ain't all that 'nless you're doing it right1-Keep on keep-keepin' onCause you came and you changed my worldYour love's so brand newKeep on keep-keepin' onDoing it right right rightBeware of the stare when I step in the pieceI'm coming peace, but I got shit in need to be releasedNow who from the chosen shall I chooseYeah, now you wish you was in his shoesI found me a new nigger this yearthat knows how to handle this hereNow I look forward to going home at nightBrother does me right under the candlelightRacks upon my back, can I handle all of thatOh yes, I can, can I, why notif I wanna, yes I can canMore honey than a Bumble bee-hopPulling sixty nine ways out my o-copSweet like liqour and sugar from my burgerJuicy like Hassey or VernasseeI got the shit to make your ass right at back, checkCause like I said I ain't afraid of the sweatBeat on my drum if you feel the need toAs I proceed to open up and feed youI got along and I put you way you wanna beven aqui and I get rid of all company(repeat 1)Many have tried to strict regulationslazy motherf-- get put on probationThose that didn't perform well, they gets no endswhen they ringa-ring my bellYou're playing with my timeTrying to jerk me, hurt me then desert meYou better work me while you got the opportunityTo be in the mist of the L-Y-T-EOnly the strong survive, only the wise excelWent sad bummer born in hellOnly the lonely die slowlyLeft all alone trying to control meEazy-duz-it never asked how was itNever speak my info of my sheet in the streetCause that ain't cool and that ain't cuteTo talk about who knocked a boot on a video shootBut it's all good thoughYou gotta get it when you're born insideYou pray, make your movingHype up on it, it's naturalNever be ashamed, f-- the fameget the name and kick the game(rpt 1, 1, 1..)

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