Lyrics to Keep Me Waiting
Keep Me Waiting Video:
eyes upside-down
face malaise
you'll pay for faking feelings
leading false lives
glazed and fever clouded
pinned against the platform pillar
moments frozen and relived
the wait is over
step onto the train

shrinking the sun lit up vessels in my shut eyelids
landscape pixelates, flickers and blinks out to nothing

motorboats drone styrofoam
the coolers packed with beer and soda
splotchy shadows juke like floaters

splendidly empty
the gentlemen came close to caring
lines on my face from the labor of lying to spare you

our city's streetcars with Christmas lights strung on 'em

I taste my fever
take in the room
I suck your earrings

unfulfilled and scraping by
when I fall ill knock off at five
scoot home sped only by a cold wind
stolen passports
pouring rain
I couldn't ever feel the same
I'm glad I'm back
but it's a goddamn bore
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