Lyrics to Keep Me God
Keep Me God Video:
It was a long time ago, I was a girl 'bout 12 years old on my back staring up into the dark summer sky when I said, "God, tomorrow I can't see but I'll stick close to you if you'll stick close to me!" and that night I prayed "Keep me God! Keep me God." Now, I don't know just where God lives ain't all that sure just exactly who God is I don't know if there's a church that deserves to take God's name I just know that when I look around here I see the hand of someone or something that is bigger than me and I call that God and then I pray "Just, keep me God" I'm in a plane up in the sky A storm surrounds us as we fly and below, the big black ocean is all that I can see When all at once I realize: Don't really matter if I live or even if I die Just so long as you keep me God Now, when my days draw to an end and I've said goodbye to my family and friends When the tide that turns my life is standing still as I turn my final bend, I betcha I'm gonna be asking even then Keep me God, keep me God, keep me God Keep me God, keep me God, keep me God

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